Friday, 12 July 2013

Wardeced Corp Station Camped for 11 Months

Tritanium Industries [TRT.I] recently celebrated 11 months of being camped into a station by wardecers. The entirety of the corp had been stationed in camped into the Veisto V - Caldari Steel Factory station since 12/08/13, when the war against Activated Artilleries [AAART] went live.

TRT.I was founded in 2008 by a small group of veterans who had been playing since 2004. Although they have now been playing the game for 9 years, none of them have ever been to lowsec, and this wardec was their first experience of war. They now have over 97 members, which should give them far more power than AAART, who have but 11 members, however TRI.I have been showing a lack of willingness to engage in the war.

I spoke to their CEO concerning the reasons as to why they had failed to undock for nearly a year. He said "We are but a peaceful mining corp, and when we got the wardec notification I had to make a tough decision. With great regret, I announced to my members that we would have to suspend mining operations indefinitely. At first, they were slightly downbeat about the news, but we found a new way to fight the wardeccers."

What was this secret weapon? Mercenaries? Joining a Nullsec alliance? Faction fitted faction battleships?  Nope. Instead, TRT.I decided to draw inspiration from thousands of wardecced corps before them, and sought to smacktalk their way to victory. On the first night of the war, Veisto local came alive with the abuse of 15 TRT.I members. The valiant members of Activated Artilleries were outnumbered, but weathered the barrage of banter. However, after 3 hours of station games, something went badly wrong.

Flux Weld, a member of defending corp, was playing cowardly docking games on the undock of the Veisto station. Unfortunately for him, the station had a rather narrow docking radius, meaning that if he wasn't careful he could find himself being unable to dock after his 30 second invulnerability timer had expired. As misfortune would have it, this was just the fate that befell his Dramiel. Having previously used his Orca to taunt his attackers, he wasn't prepared for the Frigate's speed and drifted off the station before he knew what was happening.

This terrible event traumatised the corp, and the smacktalk turned to threats. AAART had dealt with their fair share of rage before, and rather than lowering themselves to the miners level they simply countinued the wardec for the next 47 weeks, while gently taunting them in local. 2.56 billion isk later, all the members of AAART can say their investment has been worth it, despite the fact they haven't got a single kill on the corp since that fateful night on the opening day of the wardec. Although to a this may seem perplexing to a confused onlooker, it seems the aggressors have received more than enough payment in tears, which have been leaking out of the Caldari station for 335 consecutive days.

Some people may ask why the members of Tritanium Industries don't simply leave the corp. One of their members explained to us that they have transitioned into being a thriving WoW guild. They say that most of their members have kept up their subscriptions in the past few months so they can alt+tab out of WoW and hurl abuse at their campers. They then say they will sell the characters and real money transfer the isk they get from doing it to pay for new WoW gear.

The prestigious CEO of Activated Artilleries said that he has no plans to drop the war anytime soon, and has set aside 10 billion isk to pay for a decade of war fees. Even if they all stop playing, he says, I will look at the war report and fondly remember our 11 months of fun.


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