Friday, 18 September 2015

Imperium's Closed Door CSM meeting with CCP Results in Drastic Changes

Cries of pain could be heard this morning from members of the Kill Death Ratio Group after CCP Ytterbium announced that Citadel Structures, Eve's next desperate attempt to save its player base, would require extensive sieging and would force alliances to commit serious assists to the field.

Early reports are coming in have found that during a closed door session of the CSM, members of the Imperium's CSM team and CCP Games met to discuss further removal of "Fozziesov" as a game mechanic. An interview with a member of the CSM that wishes to remain nameless revealed the situation.
“The meeting was closed door, meaning that the player base will not be hear about it in the minutes. Members of the Imperium coalition, namely Sion Kumitomo, demanded that CCP games step back from their failed attempt at Hacking Online. The part I liked best was how easily CCP developers bent over in front of the round table."
He paused for a second before continuing. 
"It was really something, the way the devs handled the pounding, I have never seen that in a game company before. I mean here I am trying to improve on the Fozziesov mechanic so players can have more elite player versus player content but instead CCP is taking one up the backside from Sion. I am really concerned that future changes like this will continue away from the players eyes."
Some have questioned CCP's "CSM meetings" in the past, with heavily redacted information similar to the United States CIA notes, but this might have gone overboard. More details will come in as we get them but this has to be the biggest scandal of Eve Online since T20 first happened many years ago!