Sunday, 7 July 2013

Riverini Scammed by The Mittani

riverini, the well known chief editor and writer of Eve News 24 has been scammed by the leader of the CFC and executive overlord of riverini has posted an article on Eve News 24 detailing the plot with vivid detail. We tried to unbias the article and find out what really happened.

It seems the event started with riverini asking The Mittani to act as a third party broker in a deal involving the purchase of a titan from a Goonswarm Federation pilot. In his own words, riverini said "altough [sic] there has been a lot of bad blood between me and Mittani I decided to give him another chance and let him act as a 3rd party broker. I wasn't to concerned about being scammed because I could easily afford to replace the isk that I would lose."

However, 80 billion isk was not the only thing he would lose on that fateful night. After both the Titan pilot and riverini were in the same system and the isk had been transferred, The Mittani came up with an interesting proposition that was too good to turn down. Also present in the conversation was Mister Vee, the owner of the titan in question.

The Mittani > There is another thing I would like to offer you, as a sign that our friendship has been repaired
riverini > whats that?
The Mittani > If you send me any amount of isk I will double it
riverini > im not that stupid
The Mittani > You can start off with small amounts if you want
riverini > fine, ive sent you 5bil
The Mittani > 10bil isk sent
riverini > oh my god your legit! how much isk do you have?
The Mittani > As much as Goonswarm has, friend
riverini > your so kind! ive sent you 523bil
The Mittani > Are you going to play again?
riverini > no, thats all my isk
The Mittani > If you contract any personal assets you have to me, I will quadruple their value in isk
riverini > okay, give me a second to contract all my incursion ships
riverini > I think theres about 30bil worth of ships their
The Mittani > Death2allisk
Mister Vee > Would you be interested in joining Goonswarm
riverini > well i would but where did mittani go?
riverini > he hasnt scammed me has he
Mister Vee > He's been called to a very important diplomatic meeting, I'm sure he'll be back with your                                      isk soon
riverini > k fine ill join you on my alt
Mister Vee > Then there's only the small matter of the 5 billion isk security deposit
Mister Vee > This is standard procedure and will be returned after 60 days without incident
Mister Vee > We also run a free freighter service to VFK, if you contract me your stuff I'll ensure it arrives there quickly and safely
riverini > ok ive given you 5bil, contracted you my stuff and applied to goonwaffe
Mister Vee > death2allEN24editors
riverini > shitdicks

riverini has clearly been enraged by the event, and in a public statement he said he will continue his life's work of diminishing the good name of The Mittani on the increasingly biased Eve News 24. When asked for a comment, he told me "I havent got time for this fucking fucked fucker anymore, im going to put his stupid website out of business, than once he cant spin anymore news to make a tornado im going to come to VFK with my supporters and pod him."

In total, riverini lost over 600 billion isk, most of which went straight into The Mittani's wallet, and by extension the CFC's war fund. The leader of the coalition has stated that the isk will be put to good use by giving out random gifts of 2 billion isk to new Goons who ask cute questions.


  1. of everything that has ever happened, this happened the least.

    1. Because Riv isn't a gullible twit? Oh wait...