Sunday, 21 July 2013

CFC Opens Deklein and Tenal to Renters

Spymaster The Mittani has announced in a State of the Goonion update that the Clusterfuck Coalition will finally be starting a renter programme. Although in the past his alliance and coalition have been hostile to the idea which has been a primary income source to eastern alliances, the change in stance is said to have been bought about by the need for another income source during the Fountain war.

Although the decision was surprising, it is logical given the circumstances. The CFC is invading Fountain to gain Test's R64s following the Technetium nerf that came with Odyssey. However until they can gain control of the moons and start mining them they will not have access to that revenue and it will not be able to support their extensive reimbursement system. Although the CFC has a reasonable source of income in their current moons in the north, it is drastically less than it was prior to the summer, as this graph taken from the K162 blog illustrates.

Even though trillions of isk is stored deep within Goonswarm Federation's obese wallet from those prosperous days, as the Fountain war continues to drag on it will continue to empty. An inside source revealed that the war machine would run dry in October if the war continued at its current pace, which is a somewhat probable event. Things could also get a lot worse for the CFC and they could be pushed back into Cloud Ring, in which case it's likely the war would become even more bloody.

A new renter alliance will be formed, named 'Tiny Bees', and will function in a similar way to alliances such as S2N citizens and the Honey Badger Coalition. Goonswarm seem to be looking to undercut other rental services which charge a base of 3 billion isk per month per system, and will instead charge only 2 billion isk for a system with poor truesec, going up to 4 billion isk for a good truesec system. In total, around 200 systems will be up for rental. The Mittani also hinted that they would offer discounts if renter corporations were active in the Fountain war; although they will not be allowed to join CFC fleets they are highly encouraged to kill 'testicles'.

The space communists of the east have taken the opportunity to point upwards and laugh. One member of a Russian speaking N3 alliance said "Mittani has slurred off socialism to noobs for long time but now he is realise that you can make lot of isk from peasants on farm. Is good idea for him to do, but he will try to double it in Jita and he will get scammed haha))))." Many eastern alliances do indeed heavily lean on their renter programmes because of the lack of valuable moons there. Time will tell whether it will complement the CFC's income to the extent they are hoping it will.


  1. CFC just took two systems. The war will be over in less than a month.

  2. Lol Way to miss the satire