Tuesday 19 April 2016

CFC Announce Extension of Viceroy System to Highsec

In a somewhat unexpected move, the CFC has reployed to Osmon, a 0.7 security system in Caldari space, in order to attempt to extend viceroyalty to the residents of the Forge.

After wardeccing ten highsec ice mining corps in preparation for the move, the conflict has seen mixed success for the CFC. After losing a Hurricane fleet to a handful of Exhumers with frigate support, the majority of the forces deployed to the system have remained docked for the remainder of the day.

Nonetheless CFC leadership are working hard to turn the war in their favour. Dabigredboat, the CFC's second most competent fleet commander, told the Eve Onion 'Swordfleet'. When pressed for further details, he again said 'Swordfleet'. After being asked how interceptors would perform against the fierce T1 drones of Skiffs and Mackinaws, he defended the choice of doctrine by reiterating 'Swordfleet'.

Although one miner did agree to personally give The Mittani 10% of his ore - significantly boosting Goonswarm's ailing revenues - the alliance received a blow when one Karmafleet member defected to a mining corp based in Osmon. The Mittani has called for a new hellwar against this rogue member, and has promised to bring the full force of the Goonhammer down upon him.

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