Friday, 1 April 2016

Goonswarm Leadership Leave Houses to Prove Sov is Meaningless

It's emerged that many members of Goonswarm leadership have abandoned their homes in the past few days in an attempt to prove to their members that no one wants to hold sov any more.

Goonwaffe director Schwaboy was one of the first to abandon his personal sov after trying to prove a point following a debate on Zulu irc. He has now been living in the wilderness for a week, and said the experience has only reaffirmed his initial feelings that no one needs sov. "Now I don't have to go on fleets to defend my home every day. I don't need a job, I can just run level 2 missions for the local farmer. This is just ~the life~ I love it."

He has now been joined by The Mittani, Sion Kumitomo and many other high-ranking goons, who have vacated their houses and have started staying in hostels. Some have speculated they are practising living a more modest lifestyle for when their revenue from the multi-dollar TMC media empire dries up.

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