Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Mittani Outsmarts Spies, Leaks Nine Months Worth of Logs

Goonswarm hero The Mittani has today successfully out-manoeuvred Goonswarm defector Lemba by posting logs of CFC leadership channel Illuminati to /r/eve before Lemba got the chance to.

Despite Lemba's virtuous efforts to undermine the CFC, The Mittani has actually been aware of his true intentions for several months now. He decided against kicking him at the time in order to deal a blow to the MBC (whose rise he also foresaw) in Goonswarm's darkest hour. 'These aren't dank leaks', The Mittani stated. 'These are officially de-classified logs. Sorry to disappoint you sweet summer children, I know you think you're entitled to 'dank leaks' (that's a stupid /r/eve meme by the way), but this is a hellwar and we're not going to give you the satisfaction.'

In other CFC news, The Mittani has also announced a ban on his weekly Fireside Chats after realising the irony of delivering them while standing in the middle of a fire. Daily morale posts will now be published on

Idea by Civ Kado and Svara Eir

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