Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Test Alliance Announces 'Where is Goonswarm' Book Kickstarter

DurrHurrDurr, CEO of The DurrHurrDurr Media, has today unveiled an ambitious new kickstarter project on behalf of Test Alliance Please Ignore. Based on the popular 'Where's Wally?' line of books, 'Where is Goonswarm?' promises to be an even bigger hit.

DurrHurrDurr announced the project on /r/eve earlier.
"For too long our favourite bee guys have been missing. What better way to find them then to outsource the job to children? Your child will learn all kind of skills such as willpower, resilience and autism as they try to locate Goonswarm. Seriously, those faggots are fucking hard to find.
But this isn't just about making me fat stacks, it's necessary for the survival of the game. Think of all the kids we could bring into Eve. Maybe it would finally give the CFC enough numbers to defend their space, as well as raising their average IQ."
The idea has been well received by many - from CCP to Pandemic Legion. Less impressed were members of Razor - who's own alliance was recently found in a dumpster. One of them commented "The disappearance of Goonswarm is no laughing matter... They will come... They must come". Goonswarm could not be found for comment.

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