Wednesday 13 April 2016

CCP Inadvertently Leak New Captain’s Quarters Room

CCP developers weere today left red faced as it was revealing that they had published artwork for an upcoming release in error.

In recent weeks CCP have come under a sustained email campaign by Social Justice Warriors complaining about the CFC background which had been provided for the hugely successful #WorldWarBee campaign. The SJW group claimed the background only represented the privileged honey bee and ignored the struggle of other minority insects such as: horse flies, hornets, wasps and beetles.

In an attempt to avoid any further email exchanges with what one insider called ‘entitled twats’ CCP quickly responded by releasing updated artwork which depicted no animals of any sort. It has now transpired that this artwork was actually part of a wider project planned for release in July; a new room in the captain’s quarters.

For some months CCP have been secretly working on the Captain’s bathroom project. This would allow players to wash, bath and carry out other daily ablutions. One design feature of the new bathroom allows players to have custom backgrounds.

When asked to produced a revised CFC background, the CCP art department decided to use a simply screenshot from the captain’s bathroom project.  Careful inspection of the revised background reveals that behind a wet towel and through the rooms steam you can just pick out the wings of the CFC eagle. The Eve Onion has reached out to CCP for comment.

When asked to produced a revised CFC background the CCP art department
Article written by GrouchyOldGamer

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