Monday 11 April 2016

Kim Jong-Un Declares CFC's Spin is Illegal Under North Korean Law

International tensions rose last night after North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un publicly stated that the rhetoric from the CFC is in direct violation of North Korean law and threatened vengeance for the coalition's transgressions against the country.

It's emerged that although most members of the Korean DOKDO corp were from the South, one of the few North Koreans with internet access was also a member of the corp. A member of the Supreme Leader's inner circle, he recently told Mr. Jong-Un how funny he found The Mittani's attempts to control his fragmenting coalition.

The Supreme Leader researched the matter further and was disgusted to see that the CFC leadership were polluting his innocent countrymen's minds with colossal amounts of dishonesty and outright lies. A crime punishable by being executed by an AA gun in North Korea, Kim Jong-Un released a statement denouncing The Mittani's efforts at spinning. He also placed the blame on CCP for facilitating this criminal and threatened nuclear war on Iceland.

With Kim Jong-Un joining World War Bee as a third party, CCP have released a new character portrait background for the followers of the Supreme Leader. Time will tell whether The Mittani realises the reality of the situation from his bunker.

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