Sunday 8 May 2016

CFC Homeless After Being Cut Off By Dumpster Rental Service

CFC members are once again experiencing extreme deja vu after being evicted from their spacious dumpster, rendering them homeless twice within the space of a month.

The object had come to be known as home by the various CFC alliances which have lived their since losing their space in World War Bee. Unfortunately, Goonswarm Federation leadership was last night told their coalition would no longer be able to reside their due to failure to pay rent.

Members of #AGMARMONEYTEAM Enterprises, the company which owns the dumpster, have faced criticism of their handling of the situation. Bee rights activists have pointed out that evicting them would be inhumane, particularly when #AGMARMONEYTEAM were partially responsible for putting the CFC in said dumpster in the first place.

Despite this setback, The Mittani is as optimistic as ever for his coalition's future. In leaked Illum logs, he claimed that Goonswarm would be able to take the dumpster back as soon as the MBC disintegrated. He went on to claim that the CFC would no longer even need dumpsters as soon as work on adapting their PAP system for H1Z1 was completed. "Maybe we'll even become a professional e-sports team", he concluded.

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