Saturday, 25 April 2015

Sleepers Follow Seekers to Highsec in Search of a Better Life

Huge numbers of sleepers have been spotted across highsec, allegedly seeking asylum after years of genocide committed by wormhole dwellers.

One of the leaders of the refugees took the time to sit down with us and discuss the last six years from their perspective:
"At first we thought Apocrypha was a pretty good expansion. The guys who came through the wormholes were alright and didn't try to invade our space with POSes or anything, they just wanted to take a bit of Arkonor and C-420. We had absolutely no problem with that, we didn't even complain when they took the odd nanoribbon here and there. 
Then people slowly realised having a POS in a wormhole was a pretty decent idea and we had to live with them. We started getting pissed off when they started bringing dreadnoughts into sites. It seemed really tryhard to us and the only way we could really kill them was if they disconnected or if they were complete retards.
The final straw came when CCP added POCOs. Before we could do PI quite profitably while we were waiting to spawn into an anom and collect it through the Interbus Offices. Then the players knocked down the customs offices and built their own, with huge fuck-off tax rates. When we saw Circadian Sleepers had been peacefully living in k-space for the better part of six months, we saw potential to live the peaceful life we always dreamed of in highsec."
The sleepers have been trying to assimilate into the local populace, and large numbers have been spotted trying to do the tutorials in newbie systems. Occasionally they will try to strike up conversation with their new found colleges, with one reportedly saying "hello I am noob)))" before continuing "how to find relic site?"

Faced with the prospect of losing PVE content in their home systems, scores of wormhole corporations have followed the sleepers into highsec. JackvanDan, the proud CEO of a PVP specalised C1 wormhole corp, claimed the sleeper exodus was unfortunately timed with a preplanned corp field trip to highsec. "We had this planned for weeks mate", he assured us. "We're just seeing what its like to be a mission running corp. Honestly, it's been on my calender since last Tuesday. Our recruitment's still open though, if you've got 150mil XP and you're good at PVP just pop your application in. No API needed."

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