Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Dreddit Is No Longer Recruiting

Durrhurrdurr today confirmed that #57 Eve Online corporation Dreddit will be closed for recruitment after Test's Wicked Creek deployment opened his eyes to the number of sub-N3 tier alliances that have popped up post-Phoebe.

The following was posted to the Test forums today:
"Being deployed to Wicked Creek to fight the fag alliances there has made me realise that Test is becoming TOO GOOD for its own good. Every night I have flashbacks to our inhumane destruction of NOFUX and I feel like I have to do something about it. I'm closing Dreddit recruitment indefinitely to stop people in irrelevant alliances I've never heard of killing themselves because they look so bad next to us. Also if your name begins with 'h' or 'x' I've just kicked you from Dreddit, thanks for your service."
This is the first time Dreddit recruitment has been closed in its 5 year history, but most agree DurrHurrDurr was justified in capping recruitment. Test members have resorted to suiciding supercarriers under the guise of creating 'fresh dank mems' but it's believed they are actually doing this to make alliances in Wicked Creek feel better about their lives.

This news is of course overshadowed by the revelation that ex-NOFUX leader Roweena has sadly died in real life after drowning in pussy. Roweena, who won Eve Onion's Cunt of the Year 2015 award after unironically using 'poontang' in a sentence, quit Eve after his alliance was destroyed by Test to focus on 'the women in his life'. Our thoughts are with his former alliance members at this difficult time.

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