Thursday, 2 April 2015

Drifters Learn to Imitate The Mittani After Months of Scanning Eve

After months of study it appears that Circadian Sleepers and drifters have completed their scanning of New Eden, and have integrated the behaviour of New Eden's denizens into their subroutines.

When drifters spawn in a system they will now broadcast a variety of messages in local, including "we will stab you in the heart over and over and over again until you stop moving" and "it's time to twist the knife". Many lines used when they are destroyed are also inspired by Mittani, such as "we're still winning the war" and "kill yourself".

In addition to this there's evidence that drifters have began to copy CFC tactics. If drifters fail to outnumber the enemy by at least five:one, they will immediately despawn, while if they have approximately 6 times or more the number of other ships on grid, they will multiply in number every two minutes.

Drifters have also been sighted ratting in Guristas Forsaken Hubs throughout the north. When a player enters local they will normally warp to a safe and cloak up, often leaving their drones behind, while sometimes they will continue to orbit a celestial object in the anomaly at 30km. If a neut stays in system for a prolonged period of time, they will begin to shit talk until the player leaves.

It's also been reported that the drifters in Catch seem to be 'mentally stunted' compared to their counterparts in other regions of space. In the system of AOK-WQ a drifter was spotted asking for a wormhole bookmark so he could return home, while another unsuccessfully tried to lay waste to Pandemic Legion's supercapital staging tower.

Article inspired by an idea from /u/venoma333, who will take home 42,069,000 isk and loads of space bitches. If you have an idea for an Eve Onion article, mail it to Tubrug1.

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