Tuesday, 28 April 2015

CCP Fozzie Unveils Ship Rebalances for June Release

Eve's #1 killer of nullsec coalitions today released a variety of ship balances intended to complement the release of the new sov 4.20 system, in which systems will be conquered through Entosis Links rather than grinding.

The most anticipated change was that of the Ishtar. With the Entosis Link being a highslot module, many expected the prevalence of droneboats to increase in nullsec.
"I've decided I can't really be fucked to deal with you since you'll whine whatever I do, so we're just going to remove the Ishtar from the game. We''ll replace it with a T2 version of the Exequror that gets a 500% bonus to cargohold volume per level of Heavy Assault Ships. You can all go and fly Stabbers or something now I guess.
This was easily the most well received balance of 2015, but CCP Fozzie wasn't done yet.
"Some have also pointed out that interceptors may be slightly overpowered in the new patch when combined with Entosis Links. To fix that, we're reducing the powergrid for all interceptors to around 5 MW. This should restrict them from fitting both a MWD and Entosis Link but keep them open to a variety of other applications.
Finally, CCP Fozzie said this on the state of capitals post 4.20 sov:
"There's been a lot of concern that capitals will be useless and underpowered after the June release. And yep they will, best sell your super to someone in Imperium I guess. If you've got a problem with that, I don't give a FUCK. My name is CCP Fozzie and I do whatever the fuck I want.
Some have questioned CCP Fozzie's mental state after footage of him challenging a model Rifter to fisticuffs emerged from CCP HQ last Thursday, but this set of balances have mostly put these fears to rest. Analysts are now casting their thoughts towards the next ship rebalance, due in Spring 2016.

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