Friday, 10 April 2015

Lychton Names New BNI CEO and Transfers Power to Him

Brave's coup saga appears to be over after ousted leader Lychton Kondur transferred the leadership of BNI and other corps to his self-appointed successor, posting the following to the Brave subreddit:
"I've decided to bow to the wishes of the council and CEOs. They're right, it is time for change. In fact, it's time for a significant amount of change. I have transferred CEOship and majority shares of every corp in Brave I own to Xenuria. I know some people aren't huge fans of Xenuria, but he's different. He's... strange. I'm confident his euphoria and extensive fedora collection will allow BNI to continue its 'stay classy' principle well into the future, while his diplomatic skills and contacts will also allow the alliance to repair bridges it has accidentally burnt over the last couple of weeks.
I'm leaving you in capable hands BNI. I'd like to say a big 7o to the alliance and gf to Anna and Lquid."
The reaction of coup leaders Anna 'Cassius' Niedostepny and Lquid 'Brutus' Drisseg was recorded in their Skype channel by Draleth.
Lquid [BRAVE]: anna
Lquid [BRAVE]: Lychtons made xenuria ceo
Lquid [BRAVE]: what do we do
Anna: what a sick, devious bastard
Lquid [BRAVE]: why has he done this to us anna
Anna: I didn't think he was ruthless enough to pull off something like this
Anna: it's over, he's won
Lquid [BRAVE]: are you sure we can't we run the alliance without BNI?
Anna: we could but half the CEOs would probably rally to xenuria
Lquid [BRAVE]: so thats it?
Anna: we could drop roles but stay in the corp, then come back a few months later and work our way back up giving the occasional blowjob out along the way etc.
Draleth: ayyyy lmao
Lquid [BRAVE]: should I tell Malanek about this?
Anna: oh yeah I forgot about him, bring him up to speed
Lquid [BRAVE]: what do I do with the alliance?
Anna: change the ticker to FA.GS and give it to xenuria
Anna: call a CNM meeting so we can get a decent recording of him to post to reddit, your karma really needs a boost
Anna: then write a letter with a load of bullshit about how we're giving the alliance back for the good of Brave
Anna: make it as anti-climatic as possible so everyone will have forgotten it by next year
Lquid [BRAVE]: k
Anna: oh and before you give the alliance back kick BAERS

Xenuria is thrilled with his new position, and said he was delighted to have found an organisation that hadn't blacklisted him. Dreddit CEO Durrhurrdurr has reversed the recruitment reforms in his latest CEO update, saying this signalled a new era in Brave's history and that Test would be Brave's truest friend and staunchest ally. In other news twelve CSM members confirmed they will not be running for CSM XI.

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