Monday, 6 April 2015

Lychton Kondur Plotting Coup #14

After being brutally ousted from leadership of Brave by his directors and corp CEOs, 12-time coup survivour Lychton Kondur has reportedly tried to regain control of the complete alliance.

He made contact with several CEOs, this one with Thrall Nation leader Coffee Rocks was leaked to reddit:
Lychton Kondur: hi
Coffee Rocks: Hey
Lychton Kondur: Help me become CEO and I'll let your corp stay in Brave for long enough for you to evac your stuff.
Coffee Rocks: Sorry Lychton I'm not interested
Coffee Rocks: I hear Dreddit are recruiting though

Lychton then tried to make contact with Malanek Askelus, his elected replacement as leader of Brave:
Lychton Kondur: Hey dude congrats on your promotion
Malanek Askelus: thanks mate, I'm sorry it was all handled a bit roughly
Lychton Kondur: No problem, I still control 11,000 members and all our sov so it's all good
Lychton Kondur: as a sign of our friendship, would you like to play a trust game?
Lychton Kondur: you make me alliance executor, then I immediately make you the executor again
Malanek Askelus: I'm alright thanks mate, I think Karmafkeet are recruiting at the moment

Shortly afterward Lychton was spotted trying to drunkenly serenade nine members of Brave in Dojo classroom C. When Malanek entered the channel and tried to persuade him to go to bed, Lychton repeatedly started saying 'et tu, MALANEK?', then started banning people with 'stupid names' from

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