Monday, 28 March 2016

Imperium Alliances Celebrate Annual 'Supreme Leader's Day'

A public holiday dedicated to The Mittani is being observed by members of the Imperium today. March 28, or the 'Day of the Sun', as it is known in the North of nullsec, gives Imperium members a chance to thank their leader for his blessings.

Loyal comrades in LAWN and Bastion were among the most grateful this year. 'We are so happy that The Mittani freed us from the burden of sov' said one LAWN member, shortly after placing flowers outside VFK. 'Now we have the opportunity to prove our loyalty by defending His space rather than our own.'

In his annual Day of the Sun address, Mittani attacked the 'great infidel Saladin-al-Fozzie' for his efforts to undermine the security of his loyal people through his rework of sov. He assured his followers the foe besieging the North could be repelled as long as 'we stay true to each other and you stay true to me'. The audience burst into applause, and thanked The Mittani for taking the time to grace them with his presence.

An SMA member who failed to remember the occasion was found mining in a belt. Outraged by his lack of respect for their dear leader, his corp turned him over to Goonswarm and he was subsequently doxxed repeatedly.

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