Wednesday, 30 March 2016

CFC Member Doxxed For Exposing Secret List of Coalition Alliances

A pilot belonging to FCON was doxxed and subsequently kicked today after he leaked the confidential list of members of the CFC to Reddit.

After posting information already publicly available, the anonymous line member was shocked to be messaged an hour later being accused of 'treason against the Imperial forces of VFK'. He was told that 'talking about who are allies are is a big no no because it means our enemies will target us if it means getting an advantage.'

Many were surprised to see that RAZOR Alliance was on the list of alliances allied to Goonswarm, perhaps the biggest takeaway from these leaks. RAZOR were reported missing several weeks ago, several hours after downing significant quantities of whiskey, and have not been found to this day. Nonetheless it can be assumed they will assist Goonswarm should they ever reemerge.

FCON were 'most apologetic' for the irresponsible and quite frankly reckless behaviour of their members, and have agreed to hand over all of their R64's to Goonswarm to make amends. Now, however, the identities of the eight alliances that make up the CFC have been exposed, possibly causing a significant blow to the Imperium war effort. 

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