Thursday, 24 March 2016

gigx Self-Destructs CO2 After Crushing Defeat

The elite Imperium alliance known as 'Circle of Two' has sadly folded after its leader initiated a self-destruct command on the organisation.

Shortly after losing another battle in Vale, gigx told his members he was about to do what should have been done two years ago. Moments afterwards, all members of the alliance received a notification telling them 'gigx has initiated self-destruct of their alliance, it will explode in 120 seconds.'

There have been growing cries among SMA's nineteen active members for their leadership to also pull the plug on their alliance to avoid being humiliated any further by Test's memes. Sadly, none of their leaders have been seen in several days and are unable to respond to their line member's requests. They have, however, managed to learn some tactics from CO2, and a fleet successfully self-destructed their Tengu's after an encounter with a Pandemic Horde interceptor.

Goonswarm leadership are believed to be 'upset' the size of their zoo had once again diminished, but reminded their valued allies Asher is always on call to bail them out.

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