Friday, 10 January 2014

PLEX Launcher to be Added in Rubicon 1.1 Update

A ground-breaking new module was announced by CCP Fozzie today, which allows players to shoot Pilot Licence Extensions at other players in a similar, cosmetic fashion to snowballs and fireworks. CCP have hinted this is just one of many 'highly useful and profitable' updates coming to the game.

The logic behind the post was outlined by CCP Fozzie:
"As you know we currently have a launcher in game which shoots things such as fireworks and snowballs at people passing by, causing absolutely no damage but looking pretty god damn good. Someone pointed out that we didn't have this in place for other commodities such as PLEX, so we decided we'd put this nifty little module in for Rubicon 1.1. 
The PLEX Launcher can hold up to five PLEXes with a cycle time of two seconds - which is of course affected by your skill - and a reload time of five seconds. People may be skeptical of this module, but next time you put some PLEXes in your cargohold and undock, ask yourself this question: would you rather give the pirate your PLEX when you inevitably get ganked or shoot it at him and see some awesome effects?"
The move has proven controversial, as can be seen by the responses in the forum thread. Notorious bad poster blue dehazon added his constructive input to the thread:
"wow, anoher change to benfit pirat. ccp needs to learn the majority of people locted in hghsec. this just gives more power to pirat. what next, we going to have corpse launcher so pirat can launch our corpse? that will give them more reasons to pod us. im going to donate all my isk to gevlon goblin so he can fite pirat then leave game"
Around three minutes after the post was linked in the SOMER Blink channe; all PLEX on the market of major trade hubs disappeared, and buy orders for a staggeringly high amount of escrow were set up. A SOMER spokesperson claimed that Somerset Mahm was behind the manipulation, releasing an official statement on his behalf: "I shall throw money at you, peasants! Money that you cannot pick up! It will be highly amusing!"

Others though this was another case of CCP pandering to stupid people. Self-proclaimed intelligent person Mayhistaaaa replied to the thread:
"I know what's really happened at CCP's so called 'offices'. Some dude who lost PLEX filled out that questionnaire you get when you unsub and said if he knew that were going to happen he would've shot it at the guy instead. What's more, I've got evidence that the guy who did that was CCP Hellmar - he tricked his own staff into developing something that would make more money from lost PLEX."
Players have generally agreed this is still the best feature that has been implemented in Rubicon so far. Many are now pushing for an Archon disintegrator which instantly obliterates all carriers on grid and their pods.

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