Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hisec Nidhoggur Loss Ruled Suicide

A Nidhoggur was recently killed in Amarr by capsuleer Billy Hardcore  on the 23rd December. Hisec capitals, rare exceptions to a mechanic which has stood since 2007, are heavily constrained by GM-set rules on what they can do. In this case, it was not lasers, bombs, nor even raw cunning that sealed the ship’s fate: it was simply bullied to death by various capsuleers in local.

This reporter spoke to several of those involved in the fall of the ship. One random local denizen said, “It was hilarious. I called him a ‘Minmatard’ and he broke down and started crying. His space-tears were delicious.” Another, one of those in the cap chain which supported Mr. Hardcore, responded differently, “It was really funny until one of the guys in the cap chain shot [the carrier] and got us all Concordokken’d.” Speaking to killer, he was proud of the accomplishment. “These hisec capitals, they’re abominations” said Mr. Hardcore, “I think he accepted the duel after I called his ship a ‘nidder’, which is perfectly accurate. Those dirty Minmatar should know not to fly their trash in glorious Amarr space.”

I was lucky enough to get ahold of Chribba, meeting him in his office. After snorting a mountain of Veldspar dust in a way that was remarkably similar to the infamous cocaine scene in Scarface, he spoke to me:
“These... scrubs who are losing capitals in Hisec. I give them the option to join the glorious Veldfleet, and they refuse. What do they expect? To use capitals with impunity in MY SYSTEM? They are fools. I promise to crush all those who dare go up against the mighty Veldfleet!”
There is no word from CCP as to whether the tactic of bullying targets to death will be reevaluated and - given Eve’s reputation - there likely will be no changes in the future. In other news, players with expensive ships and clumsy fingers are urged to check the option to “automatically refuse duel requests” to prevent embarrassing lossmails.

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