Monday, 7 October 2013

CCP to give Khanid Navy Armageddons to Eve's Richest 87 People

Following the recent controversy of giving Ishukone Scorpions to various organisations such as the SCL and Somer Blink, CCP have attempted to repair relations between themselves and their customers by giving new Khanid Navy Armageddons to the richest 87 people in Eve.

The move has been well received by the majority of Eve players. Having decided to not award these prizes in secret - which angered many people in the case of the Ishukone Scorpions, CCP instead paraded the ‘rewards for creating content’ on the General Discussion subforum. The post from T20 is reproduced below:

“I'm happy to announce we have awarded a new class of ship – the Khanid Navy Armageddon – to some of the richest people in Eve. We believe they are thoroughly deserving of the prize, by being rich they have created content for hundreds, if not thousands of players. Nearly all of them got their isk by station trading, which is one of the most content creating professions in the game. By constantly updating hundreds of buy and sell orders, they've ensured that capsuleers are always getting good prices – even if they’re only saving them 0.01isk. There’s even one chap who updates his orders 23 hours a day, if that’s not dedication I don’t know what is.”

 Not everyone was happy though. Gevlon Goblin, who missed out on the prize by being a suspicious 0.01 isk away from the qualifying amount, admitted he was somewhat disappointed about missing out on the chance to own such a rare ship. “I am tiny bit sad at not getting Armageddon, but it not like they are rare ships. I am to see hundreds of them on the market every day, they only worth 100mil.”

“I'm a fucking muppet.” Our interview with Ripard Teg, who previously defended CCP giving prizes to people they choose, starts with him getting the facts in the open. “Sometimes, when I was bored at the CSM summit, I licked the floor of CCP headquarters. The others called me a ‘fucking retard’, but I know it’s important to show respect to CCP. I'm not going to criticise them, if I do I might impact their income which means they would have less money! And if they don’t have enough money, they won’t be able to develop World of Darkness! I can’t tell you how much I'm looking forward to that game; I really am a teenage girl at heart.”

CCP also advanced their efforts to promote Eve Vegas, an event running later this month. Again, it was announced through a forum thread, as copy and pasted below:

“We’re happy to announce we have gained the support of another pillarstone of the community in advertising Eve Vegas. For weeks Jia Denso has tirelessly worked to double people’s isk in Jita, and we want to capitalise on that sheer advertising potential. Even those fucking comedians who send a full message of blank lines to ‘stop the scummy spammers lol’ didn’t stop him, he ploughed on and did his job. As a symbol of our relationship, we’re giving him a special edition version of the Stratios cruiser, which will be delivered to him by reliable 3rd part The Mittani.”

Finally we were able to secure a brief interview with CCP T20, who said he would be on the lookout for more opportunities to give prizes to deserving people. If you feel you are owed an iScorp, shoot an email to CCP and they will endeavour to make sure you get the special edition ship you deserve.


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