Thursday, 8 May 2014

RUS Block Officially Pronounced Dead

After losing all but one region of their sovereignty the Russian Block was pronounced dead earlier this morning, in what N3 leader progodlegend called his 'easiest and most hilarious victory yet.'

Many people are confused as to how this happened. Despite their foe losing around nine trillion isk in the Battle of BR-5RB three months ago and subsequently being driven back to doorstep of the Dronelands, the tables have completely turned and Russians are running in fear of N3 and Hero. Many have speculated that -A-'s shitness leaked to their allies and caused them to become as awful as them.

During Fanfest The Mittani was said to be 'very much aware' of his ally's critical condition, something that may have contributed to him being seduced by Brave Collective leader Lychton Kondur, who was able to give us some insight into the way he conducts diplomacy. "When I'm looking for a strong coalition partner I look for men with nice beards. I have to say Skier X's is pretty poor in comparison to Mittani's..."

A source in the CFC appeared to back a closer relationship with Brave. "In hindsight, it's easy to see that every non-SOLAR alliance is pretty bad. One of them disbanded, one of them switched sides, one of them is -A- and the others just rolled over and died in terror."

The question on everybody's lips is who Mittani and Lychton allegedly signed the death warrant of. A Brave member pointed out that a move against -A- may not be backed due to euthanasia being illegal in most countries Brave players reside in. GIA spies have also reported that Providence residents are packing their packs so they are ready to leave without a fight should the eyes of Mittani and Lychton turn to them. "Goon... scary" noted a Yulai Federation director.

The post-Russian world now consists of the CFC, N3 and tens of thousands of renters. With almost 19,000 members, the N3PL renting alliances now nearly outnumber the coalition itself, and are now believed to have the same power as all the low-tier alliances in N3 combined. We will see if they are able to use this position to their advantage.

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